I love that we are learning Latin (and Greek) roots. It’s already helping the girls understand and decode so many words. Farrah reads novels like crazy, and I’m sure that she comes across a lot of words that are unfamiliar to her. A few days ago, she picked up Little Women, the unabridged version, and she’s really enjoying it. It’s one that I’ve never read, but Olivia has. At some point we’ll have to find a movie version and enjoy together.

In other news, Callie is peeling her own oranges now!

This week, I learned that I’m a bit rusty at sixth grade math (scientific notation), but it all came back to me. For history, we learned about the Pope and monks in Rome and Britain and made these polymer clay cross necklaces. This opened up a new interest for Farrah – she really enjoyed working with the clay and made herself some animals. I’ve since returned to the store to buy more clay and more colors to let her really have fun with this hobby. I’ll add tools / molds as my budget allows. 

Friday schooling with friends was very productive. We enjoyed a leisurely paced day learning Latin, listening (and dancing) to the music of Scott Joplin (our current composer), enjoying a nature walk (our mission was to find seeds and they found plenty), studying the art of Mary Cassatt; making Greek meatballs with homegrown oregano from our garden, sewing ruffles for pillows, and listening to a reading of Prince Caspian. 

Oh, and Jasmine’s highlight of the week is that my mom came over and took her out for a play date (while I stayed home and schooled the big girls). They went to Igi Playland, Whole Foods, and Burger King. Jasmine had a great time!

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