This morning I saw a classifieds ad for free caterpillars, so I did what any other crazy homeschool mom would do. I canceled our lessons for the rest of today and went out in search of milkweed plants that were not treated with pesticides.  Then we drove to the lady’s house and came home with 4 sweet little caterpillar guys! Olivia was surprised  to find that a baby caterpillar was already on her plant (from the nursery),  so we have five total. In the past, we raised the painted lady caterpillars. This is our first time with monarchs. It will be fun to watch them grow. I do not have an enclosed habitat specifically for them, but since all they eat are milkweed plant leaves, they will stay on the plants and develop their chrysalis as long as a predator does not get to them first. (The plants are outside on the porch.) I am praying for a good ending!

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