So far, my biggest challenge this school year is keeping an active 2-year-old engaged. She demands my attention, and it’s tough to give it to her all day every day, especially during school hours. We don’t turn on the TV, but I’m starting to think that a fun/educational 30-minute show (or a couple of 30-minute shows!) might not be too bad if I’m really needing her to chill out. We spend time writing, playing with playdough, reading books, blowing bubbles, pulling out blocks, doing puzzles, hanging outside…but there’s only so much of that I can do every day while the big girls are needing lesson time. I do try to venture off to a storytime / park / playdate activity that’s JUST for her a couple of times a week, and that helps, but I’m still falling short on ideas. I’m on the waitlist for a 2-day Mother’s Day Out program, but it’s looking like they’ll never call me.

We don’t have lots of toys around the house; maybe I need to invest in some stimulating toys that will keep her occupied independently. I’m off to do some research…

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