Here are a couple of interesting activities in which Olivia is participating lately:

Learning Scratch
Scratch is a free programming language that allows you to create your own animated stories and games. This girl has been doing her own basic animations for a couple of years now, and she likes creating her own video games, so I enrolled her in an online class with Landry Academy to make it official. Since she was already familiar with the program, her first couple of weeks of the class has been a piece of cake! She has already had to create some basic animations for her teacher plus debug several programs. I’m learning a lot, too!

The thing is, I don’t want my kids to get to my age and still be scared to give a speech. That’s why I was so excited to find this! Our local Toastmasters Chapter has a Youth Leadership Program that consists of about eight 2-hour workshops that enable tweens and teens to gain speaking and leadership skills through practical experience. The group size is about 15 students, and Olivia did extremely well with her first presentation on the first day – introducing one of the other students (a girl she’d just met) to the rest of the group. Next week she’s on the schedule as one of the first students to present a speech. She is all kinds of nervous!

She doesn’t have much time to prepare, but I know she’ll do well. The goal is to give the children as many opportunities to speak “publicly” as possible so they can become more and more comfortable at the task.


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