School’s in Sesssion! Fab First Day!

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Last Monday was the first day of school. Callie went off by bus to her school, while the other girls headed towards our homeschool room. We started the day with plenty of photo-taking, prayer, devotional time, and a general school “orientation”. This is the first year that we didn’t get any real academic work done on the first day, and my only regret is that I didn’t know to do this (no schoolwork) in the previous years.

We had a fun, stress-free day, we discussed expectations, school & household chores, the curricula we’re using, and more. The girls had plenty of time to ask questions, and since I hadn’t planned any schoolwork I wasn’t worried about the time.



What’s the first day of school without new backpacks? Olivia and Farrah were pleased to find new backpacks on their chairs the morning of the first day. Even better, the bags were stuffed with all kinds of hidden goodies – pencils, Tic Tacs, new watches, socks, lip balm, Sour Patch Kids (candy), a new hoodie (they’re always cold in the school room), and a few other items that I can no longer remember. They had lots of fun searching through the many compartments of their backpacks to discover¬†the hidden treasures.


I didn’t have a plan for Jasmine, so I had to go with the flow. I thought it would be easy, but she was QUITE the handful. We read books, pulled out play dough, and did as much as we could to keep her occupied and happy while her big sisters got settled in.


The girls are always asking to go to either Genghis Grill or Wacky Grill (both Mongolian-style grill). These restaurants are not my favorites, but I was happy to concede for a first-day-of-school treat, followed by GiGi’s Cupcakes.


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