Lessons in Art, History, and Callie’s Tumbling!

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I’ve decided to stop fooling myself. There’s no use pretending I’m a good art teacher. I’m outsourcing art this year, and that’s the final word on the matter. The girls are both taking an art class at Extraordinary Education, and I think it will be well worth the money. The first class was last Wednesday, and since then, both Olivia and Farrah have been inspired enough to crank out some really good art sketches at home.


For math, we’re using the same curricula we used last year: Bob Jones Math for Farrah; Horizons Math for Olivia. Both girls are well into their 3rd and 6th grade books, respectively.


For history, we’re beginning Volume II of Story of the World, picking back up with the fall of Rome. Last week we enjoyed map work and creating our own legion standards. We’ll use these (plus a double-edged sword we’ll be making) this week to re-enact a battle.


When Callie gets home from school, she’s ready for more stimulation, so I use the time to give the big girls a break and work with Callie on her math. She’s doing fantastic!


Callie loves to do cartwheels and handstands around the house, and I’m pleased to have found a special needs tumbling class for her. Her first day was Wednesday, and truthfully, it was almost a disaster. This cheeky girl was being very uncooperative, but finally I resorted to bribing her and the rest of the class seemed to go okay. (I was watching it all at a distance, but the coach said after I bribed her she was a lot more compliant.) I’m hoping for a much better class this week.


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