We had a fun time one morning this summer touring the underground tunnels in Downtown Houston with my sisters and their children. Many moons ago, I worked Downtown and would navigate these tunnels, so it never occurred to me that I needed to explain what the tunnel system was to my girls until we arrived and they met the lackluster underground passages with disapproval. “Where’s the limestone?” Farrah wanted to know.

We played tablet games and fond books at the Downtown Library (great library!), walked the tunnels and also outside the tunnels to find a nice place to eat lunch, and lounged around a church courtyard and made wishes in the wishing well / fountain. It was a good amount of walking, and the girls did great!

Side note: The library had a replica of Astroworld – Houston’s old amusement park that me and my sisters worked at as teenagers! It was a fun trip down memory lane (but the replica did not have most of the rides / attractions that we remember)!



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