Farrah has been learning to play the violin for the past several weeks. We located a really awesome violin instructor who lives less than 10 minutes away from us, and we decided on a whim to get a violin, take some lessons, and see what we thought about it. Learning to play an instrument is a great discipline, one that Farrah and I both could use!

Well, the verdict is still out. I’m not sure exactly what she thinks about it, but I do know this: She’s not practicing! My family enjoys the music of Yo-Y0 Ma, so Farrah mentioned playing a cello instead. And then she mentioned playing the guitar. I’m not sure what makes her think she’ll enjoy the others over a violin, but a violin is easy for a child to learn, so if it’s an instrument, this will be the one (she doesn’t want to play piano right now because she says “that’s Olivia’s thing!”

For violin, Ray told her she needs to practice every day at the same time. I agree, but when she practices at home I have to get involved, at least for now (I’m supposed to be calling out the strings/notes to her and she’s supposed to practice playing without looking). I’ve been too lazy to bother, so I haven’t really reminded her about practicing. But we’ll practice tomorrow and for the next few days so she can really get a feel for if this is an instrument she wants to play (or not). I really hope to have a decision within the next 5 days. Stay tuned!


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