I think I was a freshman in college before being introduced to John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress.”  I didn’t like reading the book (at all!), but still, it’s one of those classic pieces of literature that I want my girls to be acquainted with. So I found a copy of “Little Pilgrim’s Progress” which is a well-written retelling of the original story. It’s been on the bookshelf for 2 years because I haven’t been anxious about cracking it open.  Farrah happened upon it a couple of weeks ago, and I asked her to hold off on reading it because I really wanted to read it as a family to make sure the girls understand the allegory and all the references and symbolism. She told me we can re-read it together later but she was anxious to read it herself right away. I conceded, and once she began, she couldn’t put it down.  She found it to be such an interesting read, and she was anxious to narrate each chapter to me with beautiful explanations of what was happening in the story. She read the book with an in-depth understanding of Bunyan’s original story, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this version of the book. Proud of my Farrah! 


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