Summer is a great time to dabble in new things. Olivia and Farrah recently enjoyed

  1. A free art camp at the Tomball Library. It wasn’t just “art” – it was Stop Motion Animation! It was fun! Yes, they did SMA a couple of years ago at Mark Kister’s summer camp, but that was claymation. This time, they did 3D art with paper.  They wrote the script (Little Red Riding Hood), and worked on 3D art for the backdrop of one the scenes. They helped with filming, and on the last day, the parents got to sit in to watch the show.
  2. Balloon Making class at the Conroe Library. They learned to twist balloons into animals. According to them, it wasn’t exactly easy to do, which is great because they did it and got some really nice results. They’ll do even better next time.
  3. Cupcake decorating at the Tomball Library. They each made 2 cupcakes, and shared one with their little sisters. We stopped at a nearby park and ate them (and played on the playground, of course)  before heading home.
  4. IMG_7407

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