Junior Volunteer – WOW Science Camp

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Last week was a phenomenal week for Olivia. She had the opportunity to be a Junior Volunteer at the same science camp she attended as a camper when she was 3 years old. It’s rare to find volunteer opportunities for 10-year-olds, so we were pleased to be able to do this.


The application process included obtaining 2 letters of recommendation. We were over-achievers and got 3, and 2 of those were really over-the-top fantastic. On her orientation day, the lady in charge greeted Olivia and said “Your letters of recommendation were some of the nicest letters I’ve ever read!” It was a nice start to a great volunteer experience.

During camp, Olivia helped to set up experiments, assisted the campers with their activities, helped administer snacks, held animals during the pet parade (so the campers could come by and pet them), read to the campers, and more. She volunteered for a total of 4 hours each day of the week, and each day when I picked her up she expressed that she had an amazing time. At the end of camp on the last day, the volunteers had a pizza party.

She’s excited about the chance to volunteer again next year!



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