We’re doing a short unit study on the picture book Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran. The setting is (probably) Arizona, so we studied Arizona on a map, talked about the fact that it’s one of the “Four Corner” states where all 4 states come together at a single point (Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico), and the girls decided that it might be fun to visit the “point”. We also looked up in info on the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, and the Painted Desert, all of which they found fascinating. We might have a LONG road trip in our near future.


To go along with the southwestern theme of the book, I purchased ingredients for us to make strawberry spice muffins, but we never got around to that. We did, however, make desert glass jello, which was fun to make and turned out pretty tasty too!


Roxaboxen is about a small, imaginative town that the neighborhood kids create, and the topic of the “mayor” comes up in the book, so we used it as an opportunity to talk about local government and to look up the mayor of our own city (which, we don’t have one because apparently we’re not in an official “city”).

A final activity we did for Roxaboxen was to use Playdough to sculpt cacti. Oh, and we also captured a lizard for a few days, built a habitat for him, and the girls did research on caring for and feeding it. They released it back into the wild earlier today.

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  1. This learning exercise was very informative, sounded like lots of fun and an experience to look forward to making that trip.

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