CaveQuest, Camp Buckeroo, and Tot Fun

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The theme for VBS at our church this year was CaveQuest. Olivia and Farrah attended and had a fun time! Learning about Jesus, singing songs, making new friends, what’s not to love? At our church, we always collect donations during VBS to fund a mission project. The church exceeded its goal his year, which is great, but the message the leaders have been sharing with the kids -about  spreading the Gospel to people in other countries, etc.  has really started to plant seeds within my girls. Olivia mentioned that she’d like to go on one of the upcoming mission trips to Guatemala. (She’ll have to do that with her dad!)


Callie spent the week at The Woodlands UMC doing an Easter Seals camp program. Camp Buckeroo was amazing! Callie had a personal buddy for the whole week, and they did lots of fun things – games, puzzles (Callie’s favorite), songs, crafts, and more. I love programs like this where she gets to practice communicating her needs and wants to someone new. She had absolutely no issues at all!

On the last day (Friday), they treated the campers to pizza and cake and had an Awards Ceremony. Callie won the “Energizer Queen” award – because of her awesome level of energy. She brought home a wonderful scrapbook filled with photos of her week. We’ll definitely do this camp next year!


And what’s a toddler to do when big sisters are all gone? I made sure Jasmine had a fun week hanging with me, of course.

For starters, we had some time to kill in the mornings after I dropped off Olivia and Farrah at VBS but before Callie’s camp began, so we enjoyed the park a couple of days.


Jasmine and I also enjoyed playing at Lakeshore Learning and the indoor playground at the mall. (And what’s a trip to the mall without a ride on the merry-go-round?) But even better, we stopped at Chick-fil-A each morning, and each day she got her own bowl of delicious multigrain oatmeal! Life without big sisters is so fab!





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