Our “trip” was to the Cypress Creek Community Center and the Cypress Creek YMCA. At the community center, Callie participated in a fun music group called Music Connection for children with special needs. They did songs, live guitar music, pretend play, and hand movements. Callie even got a chance to play the tambourine. This is a free program that lasts through mid-July, so I look forward to her weekly attendance.


At the YMCA, we enjoyed our picnic lunch by the lake (thousands of lily pads!). We’ve been members of the Y for 10 years, but we’re just now getting to explore this particular location (there are several other Y locations closer), and we’ve finding that it’s our favorite, by far. The facility is much larger, seems very clean, the child care is on point, and there are a lot of opportunities for the kids to work out with me. After lunch, we went inside and Olivia and I worked on cardio (elliptical, cardio, stair stepper) while the younger girls enjoyed child watch.

Later, we got a chance to see Madear who was visiting from out of town. She prepared a delicious lasagna dinner for us, and then we just hung out. We also saw Uncle Lemoine who was returning home from a trip before leaving out again. It was a good day!




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