We’ve wrapped up our study of Michelangelo! What a fascinating artist he was! When we study an artist, my objective is to get the girls familiar with the basic biographical info (birthplace, childhood, upbringing, etc.) plus introduce them to a variety of the works with the aim of being able to recognize at least 2-3 of them. We narrate the art – we simply talk about what we see and give our opinions of it, usually before we read the “formal” description of the piece. I’m usually amazed at my girl’s responses and how much they get out of looking at the artwork, even things that I don’t always pick up on at first.

Of course, the Statue of David was probably the most interesting for the girls (I wonder why??). We even measured how high the statue would stand if it were in our house. The girls can also recognize Michelangelo’s paintings of The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, Michelangelo’s Pieta, and The Last Judgement.

Now, about that family vacation to Italy…

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