I needed a break from school, so I gave the girls a project to keep them occupied. They had a week to plan a “fiesta” for Cinco de Mayo. They love planning events (even “pretend” events), so they were thrilled with the task. I gave them a $50 budget (which was eventually increased to $60) and a few pointers, but other than that they were in charge of all the planning, decorating, inviting, and entertainment. I allowed Olivia to use my email account to contact the families they wanted to invite. She and Farrah worked together to plan a menu of build-your-own burritos, chips with cheese dip, Spanish rice, refried beans, and macaroons.

On the invitation, they told guests to feel free to bring a Mexican dish to share if they wanted to. One family brought tamales, another brought a treat-filled pinata, another brought sopapillas! It was a fun day! We ate, drank, and were merry. Olivia and Farrah taught their guests the Mexican hat dance, they played hangman, made a sombrero craft, showed a 2-minute video about the reason we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and beat open a pinata! There was food leftover for several meals, and the girls even came in a couple of bucks under budget.





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