Jasmine has been going along for the ride, but lately she demands to be a REAL part of our school day. So, I’ve been preparing short & sweet play-based lesson time for her, and she is really enjoying it. She gets to be creative with colors and paint, we read lots of books, she practices her letter strokes, and of course we do nursery rhymes galore! Nothing heavy, just a bit more structure than usual.

Today, I dug out this great resource – Before Five In A Row – that I’ll start using with her next week. I originally purchased it for Callie and used it a bit before she started Kindergarten. I’m glad for the chance to use it again, because it’s an awesome little curriculum. Each week, we focus on a single children’s picture book, and throughout the week we cover subjects (in the theme of the book) like language arts, fine arts, colors, science, shapes, patterns, and Bible.  The first book on the list is “Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?” Jasmine is already very familiar with this book as it’s been a bedtime favorite for quite a while.  Can’t wait to get started with her. She’s quite an intelligent child. I think she’ll rise to the occasion!



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