Our school work has been going great lately. We seem to be on track and back into a routine. We begin our mornings with praise and worship songs, a devotional and hymn. Our current hymn is to “God be the Glory” which we’re all enjoying.

I have switched things up a bit. I’ve always insisted on math and language arts first, because at a minimum I want to make sure those subjects are accomplished if the rest of the day goes to pot. But lately I’ve been doing group lessons first – history, science, and electives, and then the girls go off and do their independent work. It works great this way. For history, we’re studying the Roman empire, and the girls  enjoyed a unit on Julius Caesar this week. The man was fascinating, and I’m glad to learn and discuss the details again as a grown-up. I’m thinking it might be the perfect time to pull out our Shakespeare books and study the play! In history, we’re just a few lessons away from the birth of Jesus, and I can’t wait to get into it. I’m fortunate to be able to choose a curriculum (Story of the World) for the girls that includes Biblical history as we believe it and not as mythical literature that’s separate from true history. 

This photo is as real as it gets. Mix match pajamas, rollers in hair…. The day got a bit lazy, and she wanted to do her work on the floor in my room. (Are we sure it was “the day” that got lazy?)


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