Happy Spring Break – Swimming, Pleasure Pier, and Friends

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We kicked off our two-week Spring Break with pizza, wings, cake, root beer, popcorn, and hours of swimming at the new Embassy Suites in The Woodlands Hughes Landing. Our friends (Tori and her girls) joined us, and we all had such a fun time. The pool at the hotel is beautiful and heated, and the guest rooms are very spacious. The plan was to let the girls swim then go back to the hotel room to paint nails, put together an Usborne castle model, and then watch a movie. However, they splashed around in the pool for a lot longer than we’d planned, and by the time they finished we only had time to eat, watch a few Sophia the First episodes on the TV (of all things!) and then it was time to bid Tori’s crew goodbye… until the next day. We reconvened in Galveston the next morning and had a fantastic time on Pleasure Pier. We road lots of rides, ate more junk food, and even spent a little time picnicking on the sandy beach. It was my first time driving to Galveston without my husband with me. Woohoo – I’m getting bold!



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