It was weeks ago, and I haven’t mentioned it. We had a great Christmas! Here are a few highlights:

Gingerbread house decorating with friends


Sewing practice – We sewed a pillow for Ray to take on the road with him since he’s been traveling lately

Breakfast with Santa – Our neighborhood hosted us for a fun breakfast with Santa event. We ate hot dogs, burgers, chips, and cookies, took photos with Santa, and chatted with neighbors. We even left with cotton candy.


Old Time Christmas – We attended a fun old-fashioned Christmas event a Jesse Jones Park. Food, music, hay ride, old fashioned toys, Santa, and COLD weather.


Movie – What’s Christmas without the Polar Express? We watched many movies over the break, but this one is our tradition. Popcorn, brownies, blankets, fireplace, and lots of crumbs.


Christmas Day – We enjoyed our time with family. My dad even stopped by that weekend to drop off gifts and take some photos.


What Santa brought:

Olivia – American Girl doll Kaya; Farrah – CloudB constellation ladybug night light; Callie – a miniature musical carousel; Jasmine – a toddler bed.


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