After the Christmas break, I can finally say we are back on track. We had a nice morning and was able to include our praise and worship time, Bible reading, hymn, memory work, math, language arts, and a great read-aloud from The Book of Virtues. We skipped the other subjects today, because we needed to run to the mall to use our Children’s Place reward certificates.  It proved to be a great “real life” math lesson. Both Olivia and Farrah had $20 gift cards to use, plus rewards that built up in increments. Besides that, just about everything was on sale, so they had to use mental math to figure out percentages off and final prices. They left with a bag full of treasures, and we returned home for lunch, to try on new clothes, and to enjoy quiet reading time. Olivia has jazz practice today which makes for a late evening. We’ll read a chapter for history before bedtime, and that’ll be a wrap. 

Callie and I have been working on these dual reader books, which are lots of fun for her and great reading practice. She’s doing so well!


2 Replies to “Children’s Place math”

  1. Olivia and Farrah, what a wonderful job with your math girls! Keep those math noggins working!

    Callie, daddy is so proud of you. I love to see and hear you read. Great job Callie!

  2. Keep up the good reading Callie, Olivia and Farrah keep using those math strategies with the items you purchase made it seem like Christmas all over again. Love you guys! ❤️

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