Our trip that we took to San Antonio the weekend before school started was:

  • Fun!
  • Educational!
  • Relaxing!

We visited Fiesta, Texas (a Six Flags theme park) as well as White Water Bay (the park’s waterpark), strolled along the Riverwalk, sampled a few restaurants, and got a chance to tour San Antonio’s recently renovated Children’s Museum, the DoSeum (pronounced “doo”seum, as in let’s go “do” something fun!). The museum was PHENOMENAL and I am anxious to go back again just to spend more time there. It’s clean, spacious, engaging, beautiful, and soul-freeing. I really didn’t expect such amazement from a children’s museum!  We ran through it quickly because we arrived about an hour before closing. The museum is full of adventure, and I won’t even try to list all the features, but here are a few of my favorites:

toddler area – I LOVED the trolley and the airplane in the tot area, and I appreciate that older kids are allowed in this area too (unlike the Tot Spot at the Children’s Museum of Houston).

Reading Lab – beautiful, bright book room with reading pods, plenty books

Outdoor garden area – water features, a treehouse, a stream the kids can walk through bare feet

IMG_8498 IMG_8504 IMG_8513 IMG_8519 IMG_8535 sanantonio1 sanantonio2 sanantonio3 sanantonio5

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