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Callie and I have a new Labor Day tradition – making biscuit donuts! I was actually planning to do this with Olivia and Farrah, but they were both too busy, so I asked Callie to help. She was happy to oblige, and I’m so glad it worked out that way. This was a great project for her, and we both had fun in the kitchen working together.

This project took some time, but it was very simple with lots of opportunities to learn. Callie rocked it! She was attentive the entire while and was very patient during those moments when we had to wait for the biscuits to cool, etc. We measured, mixed, used a cookie cutter, iced, and sprinkled, and I was pleased to see so many fine motor skills at work in this fun activity. Callie really did most of the work herself while I shadowed her, with the exception of the actual frying of the biscuits on the stove (which I handled completely).

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