First Week of School a SUCCESS

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We’ve completed our first week of school! First, an update on Callie. She seems to be LOVING her school, and… get this… her teacher was even able to convince me to let her ride the bus. This is shaping up to be much easier than I’d anticipated!

Actually, I don’t anticipate our bus riding to last too long. With the cool weather right around the corner, I really would like to try our hand at walking/biking to and from school. It’ll give the entire family some much-needed exercise. To be continued…

Now for the “big” girls… Olivia and Farrah had their first week of 5th and 2nd grades respectively on last Tuesday. I’ll share curriculum details in another post, but in addition to our math,  history, language arts ( grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary), we’re doing:

Science: Olivia takes a weekly Chemistry class online, plus both the girls will have a bi-weekly Science Club class that begins next week.

Math Specials: Olivia will be a part of a weekly Pre-Algebra club. Yes, pre-algebra!

Artist Study: We’re starting off the year with studying Manet. So far, I’ve introduced his bio and showed the girls some of his artwork. We usually spend at least 6 weeks studying an artist, and we’ll get more in depth as the weeks progress.

Composer Study: This time it’s Mozart. We’ve been enjoying  listening to his works all week, plus I gave the girls a brief bio and we’re listening to a book “on tape” entitled “Who Was Mozart?”.

Art: Our art for the semester will be random. Truthfully, I’m not great with art, so we’ll incorporate some creativity into our other lessons. This week though, we tie-dyed t-shirts and it was a hit!


Handicrafts: Our handicraft this semester will be sewing. We’ll work on easy projects that we can start and finish in one sitting. We started a 10-minute skirt (transformed from one of my shirts), and unfortunately, my sewing machine broke in the process. The good news is that I found a person to repair the machine plus an older machine that I had that was broken. Less than 24 hours and $70 later, I now have two working sewing machines, so this’ll be a great sewing year for us.

Nature Study: We’ll do a nature study once a week, on Mondays. Our first one was today, and we totally lucked up! While visiting a local park, the groundskeeper was generous enough with his time to stop and tell us all about the wildlife there. He helped us identify the various types of ducks, geese, turtles, and trees, and he taught us about each animal’s feeding patterns and other habits. It was a beautiful morning, a nice stroller ride for Jasmine, and before we left we all got a chance to ride the swings.

nature-study1 nature-study2 nature-study3

PE: We’ll have PE twice a week, and for our first week we did a homemade obstacle course with cones, riding toys, a tunnel, hula hoops, and more, plus we got in some good jogging along a local trail.

IMG_7848 IMG_7843 IMG_7842

Memorywork: The girls are both learning Mad Gardener’s Song (a poem by Lewis Carroll). It’s a fairly long “nonsense” poem, and Olivia recited the entire thing for me today. Farrah will need a bit more time.

This past week, we also enjoyed a late evening family walk, our read-aloud book (“Five Little Peppers and How They Grew”), muffin baking, a glass-blowing video, music making, and praise and worship time. Olivia also auditioned for a part in the Nutcracker Show at her new dance school

Oh, and Jasmine hasn’t been left out! She has been hanging around for the ride, and now that storytime is back in effect at our local libraries, we’ll be attending those as well. She enjoyed a special Mommy & Me Playdate at Prelude Music last week, while the big girls stayed home with dad.


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