Yesterday, Callie began her first day of Kindergarten at French Elementary! French is the brand new school that opened down the street from us – the one to which my kids are zoned. Because Callie did Pre-K at the public school, her enrollment automatically transferred over to the new school. So, all summer I’ve known that perhaps she could go to school for K, especially since no additional work was needed on my part. I was just waiting for the answer from God. Well, I received the answer and peace I needed at Meet the Teacher last week. First of all, the new school is gorgeous. Callie’s classroom is pristine and spacious. Get this… there are only 5 students in the class, and two full time teachers (well, once is an aide). New large flat-screen computers (one for each child), iPads for the students, a bathroom in the class, and more. After our meeting, I was SURE I was okay with sending her!

Here’s a photo of her on the first day. She did great and was in a super mood when we picked her up. We made a quick detour at Kroger to grab ice cream to celebrate her first day, and by the time we arrived home this girl was already asleep. She slept for at least 3 hours straight. School is exhausting! Poor thing!


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