We’re redoing our playroom. I’ve been wanting to get rid of our noisy, plastic toys and replace them with some soul-inspiring pieces that really feed our girls’ imagination. Most importantly, for the longest I’ve wanted them to have a nice “quiet” place in the house to sit and read or knit or relax or just talk to one another.

New additions to the room include a fully furnished Ryan’s Room dollhouse with dolls. I bought this treasure second-hand for only $50 when altogether it retails at $300+. The wood is natural, and there is so much detail in the furniture and accessories. It even came with rugs, blankets, pets, a garage, and doll toys. The big girls are already in love with it and so am I! The younger two will eventually grow into playing with it.


Other additions to the room are these easy-to-build tents I built from plans I found online. They make comfortable, cozy reading/play nooks, and they’re nice to look at too.

Curtains were added to soften up the windows (before, there were only wood blinds). We still have to add curtains to a side window in the room (not seen on photo).


I also brought in a new rain stick (arrived from Amazon this week), a xylophone, a plush throw, and a rug, and I finally got around to hanging some of the girls original artwork on the walls.

I brought up a few books from downstairs and just placed them on the rug. Sometimes making the books visible encourages them to sit down and read.


Other items are on the way from Zulily: a wooden play car and some wooden puzzles and matching games. Everything else has been put away in the playroom closet, and we’ll rotate toys and games out each week. These week we have the plastic tea set out (will replace with a nice wood one when I can). Jasmine is LOVING pretending to give the stuffed animals tea and food. Score!

I’m looking forward to spending more time in this space with them!



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