We’re halfway through February already, and I’ve yet to get my feet completely under me for the month. I’ve been extra busy with (1) a Valentine’s dinner party with some of my girl friends, (2) an event for my business (WoodlandsMommy.com), (3) a sick dog, and (4) other duties around here that needed tending to. As of today, things are beginning to fall into place; however, my home is still dirty and unorganized, and I won’t be an effective homeschooler again until I can resolve that!


What’s new? For history, we recently began Story of the World, the first book (again). Olivia and I went through most of the book when she was in 1st and 2nd grades, and I thought now would be a good time to go back through those lessons for her and introduce them to Farrah for the first time. The activity book that accompanies it is worth its weight in gold.

Olivia finished her 4th grade Horizons math, and she’ll begin the 5th grade book on tomorrow. She’s still doing Grade 6 of Teaching Textbooks, and she probably won’t be finished with that until the end of the semester (May).

Farrah completed the red Learning Language Arts Through Literature book and is one week into the yellow (3rd grade skills) book. Both she and Olivia are performing very well in language arts and math, and this year I need to focus more on science. We do science once or twice weekly, but I incorporate very little hands-on science, and I’m hoping to change that.

Callie and I had some Mommy & Me time last week at the Woodlands Children’s Museum and then pizza at Russo’s. I’ve been praying for direction on what to do with her for Kindergarten. I’d love her home with us, but I’m being still and waiting for God’s answer.


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