Earlier this semester Farrah read a Peter Pan novel, and since then we’ve followed it up by watching a live action movie of Peter Pan at home as well as a Peter Pan stage play performed locally by National Youth Theater. The play was first rate, and it was a nice night out with homeschool friends! I love when I can introduce the girls to various mediums of art on a single topic. It’s great for comparing and contrasting, plus it helps solidify their understand of the most important details.

peterpan2 peterpan1

By the way, what are we reading aloud now? It’s still Caddie Woodlawn. Yes, that was last month, and somehow we’ve gotten into a rut. I’m not sure if we should finish the book or move on to something else. we were enjoying it, but the book is VERY long, and after such a long break I don’t know if we’ll be motivated to pick it up again. Besides, it’s way past due at the library, and I’ve reach the maximum for renewing it. To be continued…

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