Merry Christmas, Goodbye Fra Angelico, Hello da Vinci

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Christmas has come and gone! We took a nice 11-day vacation to Disney World and took COMPLETELY off from school. It was a fun time to relax and rejuvenate. We returned last week, and although most kiddos are on their “winter break” right now, school has resumed for us already. We did have three days off for Christmas (plus the current 2-day weekend), but our lesson time begins bright and early on Monday.

We finished our study of Fra Angelico, and we’re moving on to Leonardo da Vinci. I honestly don’t have a certain order / time period I’m using to choose our Artists / Composers to study. Right now, I’m simply choosing the ones that the girls might already be familiar with and that are fun to study.


For composers, we enjoyed studying Beethoven, and we’re moving on to Tchaikovsky now. I planned to study him most of this month, especially the Nutcracker suite, but December has come and gone and we’ve only done a bit of music appreciation (basic listening) of his songs and nothing more. Anxious to get back to it this upcoming week!

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