Our geography studies (Expedition Earth) took us to South Korea several weeks ago, and it has been a fun country to study! My purpose for studying geography with the girls is for us to get some sense of global & cultural awareness for the areas we delve into. I want them to realize that the world is large and diverse, and I hope they’ll become familiar with different languages, ethnic backgrounds, cuisines, etc. I want to raise sophisticated, cultured young ladies!

From our studies, they can locate South Korea on a map, name and spell the capital city (Seoul), list some of the popular exports from the country (Samsung electronics, Kia and Hyundai automobiles), and talk a bit about family life in the area. They learned and played a Korean version of the rock/paper/scissors game and a Korean version of some other game (I’ve already forgotten the name), we read books about S. Korea and watched YouTube videos of children in S. Korea.

The best part of our adventure was a trip to the Children’s Museum of Houston. Their interactive “Heart & Seoul” exhibit was a highly engaging highlight of Seoul, the capital city. Earlier this year, Farrah took a kuk sool won class (Korean martial arts), and at the museum exhibit they learned that taekwondo is a Korean martial art as well. The exhibit was great! They were able to practice some martial arts moves with video instruction, learn about kite-flying (a popular pastime in S. Korea), watch and dance to Korean hip hop videos (Callie’s favorite part, by far), enter a Korean home (take off your shoes first!), visit a Korean cafe and examine some of the food dishes, visit a S. Korean classroom setting, visit a S. Korean high rise apartment, and much more! We read a S. Korean fairy tale about croaking frogs, and we learned that the number “4” is unlucky in S. Korea (as such, many buildings won’t have a “4th’ floor. The floor after floor 3 is floor 5).

koreanhighrise koreandance koraenschool koreancafe

We’ve been on vacation, but we still have work to do before we close out this semester. For our S. Korean study, we’ll talk a little more about the Korean war, and we’ll find a place for some Korean grub (BBQ, perhaps). Then we’ll be on to our next country!

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