Writing with Ease and Caddy Woodlawn

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My first grader is doing a pretty ingenious, gentle writing curriculum called Writing with Ease, and each week we review a different work of literature. A few weeks ago we read excerpts from the book “Caddie Woodlawn”, and I felt the excerpts were intriguing enough to read the entire book. So a trip to the library, and “Caddie Woodlawn” is currently our read-aloud story. It has the feel of the Little House books, particularly “Farmer Boy” – pioneer days, farm life, happy kids having simple yet grand adventures. It’s a fun read, and even Ray is getting a few chuckles out of the story. We should be finished by the end of this week. When possible, I try to read when Callie is nearby. She won’t understand much of the story, but she’ll pick up on many of the phrases and sounds that undoubtedly will help further developed her language skills. Jasmine too!


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