The girls are really enjoying our Friday co-op meetings with Tori and her girls. The last two meetings were at Shadowbend Park in The Woodlands, and there’s so much for them to see and do there. I love when they’re just staring at a seemingly uneventful body of water, and then, after a bit of observation, they start calling out some of the fascinating things they notice – fish, turtles, tadpoles, etc.


Walking through the wooded areas or along the banks of a pond/creek, we see all types of trees, plants, berries, and animals like squirrels, rabbits, dragonflies, and baby ducks. Tori and I refer to an outstanding book entitled “Handbook of Nature Study” to help everyone get the most out of our time out of doors. We ask the girls questions and try to get them to think critically about various aspects of nature – What do you think these animals eat? Why do they behave as they do? Where do they live? Usually though, we just allow them to look and make their own observations. They have keen eyes and are great at pointing out things I wouldn’t ordinarily take notice of.

After our nature observations, we come home and sketch or watercolor a picture of something we saw while we were out. The picture above and the picture below are from different days, but I wanted to show both events (observing out in the field, back at home painting). Olivia is painting a picture of the baby duck we saw at Creekbend Park.


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