We traveled to Waco (3 hours away) to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum with our Homeschool BFF group. The girls enjoyed it, but I admit, it wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped, especially considering how long it took us to get there. Even though I knew ahead of time that it would be a museum, I’d still envisioned more of a “factory” type of tour, where we’d get a chance to see live production. I was wrong! Our visit was more about familiarizing us with the history of the Dr. Pepper company.

After the tour, however, the students got a chance to work on their marketing skills by breaking up into small groups and working to (1) create their own new flavor of soft drink – mixing syrup flavors etc., (2) come up with a name for their new beverage, and (3) create a label for their new beverage. It was a fun experience, and it’s something we’ll likely duplicate at home with a different type of product. Perhaps for Christmas we’ll create a new cookie recipe, come up with a fun name for the cookie, package them and design our own labels, and give them (not sell them) to friends.


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