“The Fantastic Four Founding Fathers”

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Yesterday we ventured to the Heights area of Houston to see a phenomenal 4-actor show at Houston Interactive Theater. The show, entitled “The Fantastic Four Founding Fathers” was lively, educational, and humorous, and I’d give it 5 huge stars! It was a homeschool show at $6/person, and it was the best $18 (total) I’ve spent in a while. In a short amount of time with only 4 actors, they were able to highlight all the major events surrounding the beginning of American history.

foundfathersfb foundingfathers_oliviafarra

Farrah admitted that she found it a bit hard to follow, but she hasn’t studied American History as much as Olivia has. Olivia loved it and was well-versed in the subject matter, so that made it even better. The only bad part about our visit was the huge cockroach that was lingering around near my seat. Luckily, none of the kids saw the roach and they weren’t distracted, but myself and a few other moms were very weirded out! Finally, one of the moms took off her shoe and put the roach to rest. The theater is part of an old church that could certainly stand to be updated, so yes, I  imagine there are more bugs where that one came from.

Before heading back home, we stopped and enjoyed our sack lunches at the charming Donovan Park on Heights Blvd.


The next show at the Interactive Theater is A Christmas Carol (non-scary version), and we can’t wait to attend!

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