Cut! Cut! Cut!

It’s been a while. I’ve missed making updates about our Friday co-op days, field trip to the Dr. Pepper Museum, Callie’s preschool “inclusion” transition, etc. I’ll get you caught up eventually, but today I’m happy to say I have CUT many things from our curriculum. We were doing entirely too much math and language arts, and we didn’t have a lot of time to get to some of the nuts and bolts of the Charlotte-Mason inspired teaching style that I adopted when we first started homeschooling. So, I think I’ll be back on track next week (this week is a bust; 2 of the girls are sick, and even I am getting a sore throat).

Let my clarify. I didn’t exactly CUT items completely, but these are the items I have decided to use as occasional enrichment tools, road trip work, etc., versus it being a part of our weekly (if not daily) to-dos:

1-English for the Thoughtful Child 1 (for Farrah)

2-English for the Thoughtful Child 2 (for Olivia)

3-Primary Language Lessons (for Farrah)

4-Intermediate Language Lessons (for Olivia)

5-Pre-Algebra Demystified (for Olivia)

6-Right Start Math (for Farrah)

Whew! That’s a whole lotta cutting, and we still have days full of schoolwork to complete. Here’s the list:

1. Math: Both girls do Horizons and Teaching Textbooks daily (that’s still 2 math curriculums, but what can I say?)

2. Language Arts: Journal Entry – Olivia does one twice a week; Farrah’s is every day

3. Language Arts: Both girls do Learning Language Arts Through Literature (different levels)

4. Language Arts: Farrah does Writing with Ease; Olivia does Write Shop

5. History: We use A Child’s History of the World, This Country of Ours, and Heritage Studies

6. Foreign Language; La Clase Divertida curriculum, Greek/Latin roots, and Olivia has both a Spanish class and an online Spanish tutor

7. Artist Study: We study 2 artists a semester. This does NOT include the artist we study during our Friday coop. With the coop, we’re currently studying Fra Angelico. On our own we’re studying Leonardo da Vinci

8. Composer Study. We study 2 composers a semester. This does NOT include the composer we study during our Friday coop. With the coop, we’re currently studying Hildegard. On our own we’re currently studying Beethoven.

9. Poetry: We’re doing general poetry readings right now.

10. Literature: Olivia is currently reading A Little Princess. Farrah will begin Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next.

11. Shakespeare: We’re currently on Hamlet and will not study another Shakespeare piece this semester/year.

12. Science: Life Science plus Geology

That was a mouthful! No wonder I’m tired!

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