Family Summer Vacation – Post 1 of 3 – “Dallas Arboretum”

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We just returned from a lovely late summer vacation, and we had the most AMAZING time. Rather than create one huge post, I’ll break this up into several sections.

Our first stop – Dallas,TX. We visited the Dallas Arboretum which is GORGEOUS! I have never seen such a spectacular and diverse array of awesome-looking plant life. The Children’s Adventure Garden area was amazing – with fun activities and lots to see and learn. We explored all different types of trees and plants, rocks, earth cycles, an edible garden, pretty waterfalls, fountains, and more. Our trip was pretty much just a walk-through. We were on a schedule, and there were a TON of other activities for us to do had we had more time (in fact, it would take us a full day to explore all of the Children’s Garden alone, which is only a small portion of the arboretum).  I’m thinking we’ll return to the area in the fall, just for the arboretum. I’ll dress the girls in pretty autumn attire (it’s a photo-taking paradise!), pack a picnic, bring swim suits and towels (there’s a spray ground too!) and plan to spend the entire day on the grounds. This place is an absolute gem!

arboretum2 arboretum1

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