My 4-year-old begins Pre-K 4 today (special education at Metzler Elementary). She was at Metzler for her Pre-K3 year, and I think she’ll have a lot of fun there this year too. Her school hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 12noon. At school, she does writing, phonics, colors, numbers, art, imaginative play (dolls, kitchen, etc.). She’ll have music time, motor skills play, lunch, and more. The best thing is that there are only 3 kids total in her class until 11am when 2 additional kids join the group. This will be a great year for her to have some close to one-on-one interaction with her teachers (there’s 1 teacher and 1-2 aides).

We will keep her home with us on some Fridays for special activities, and I’ll pick her up from school early on Tuesdays for speech and occupational therapy. 

Happy First Day of School, Callie!



One Reply to “Callie’s First Day of School”

  1. You’re website is so inspiring! Your girls look very smart. I love how you are very involved in extra-curricular activities with them. Callie is super cute and hope to be working with her! After this semester at blinn college I will be moving back to Spring, Texas and attending school here until ready to transfer to SHSU in maybe a year. Contact me if you are still interested. I fell in love with seasons of pink ♡

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