There are many lessons I’d like for my girls to learn during this homeschooling journey, but one of the most important skills I want them to master is the ability to teach. Not only will it help us as a homeschooling family unit as they  teach their siblings and others, but knowing the proper way to teach is a skill that will serve them well in many other aspects of their professional and personal lives. I always give them opportunities to teach each other, and they’re getting better and better each week. They also get a lot of practice “homeschooling” their stuffed animals. The interesting thing is that children mimic their parents, so when I see them “teaching” in a way I think is bothersome, it causes me to reflect and evaluate my own teaching style.

Today, Farrah did a reading lesson with Callie during Olivia’s dance class while I tended to baby Jasmine. Farrah was gentle (for the most part), and Callie was eager to learn.


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