First Week Blues

Last week – on the second day of school for us – I enrolled my 6-year-old into a private school. No lie! It was a moment of weakness, and I’m all better now, but it was only the SECOND day of school and she was already causing a ruckus! She didn’t want to sit still, didn’t want to take the time to write as neatly as she should, and she wanted to spend more time in little sister’s preschool area than she wanted to spend at her own desk. I had had enough, so I quickly filled out the online app for Spring Baptist Church, a part-time school / homeschool program where she’d be going for 3 days a week and home on Mondays and Fridays. It’s an affordable program, and Olivia did her first grade year there, so I figured it wouldn’t be so bad to send Farrah off for her first grade year too. I put the application on hold while I tried to get in touch with hubby for his driver’s license number, but even with it being in “incomplete” status, it went through, and the administrator at the school was ringing my phone in less than an hour. I didn’t answer, but she left a message about finishing the paperwork, bringing us in for the interview, etc.

Fortunately, by the time I got around to the hearing her message, I had already spoken to Ray and we agreed that homeschooling was the BEST option for all the girls, at least for now. He agreed to help me more on the homeschooling front, and that very same evening he came home and sat with Farrah and together they finished all her lesson time.

Let me tell you, I’m not a fan of threatening to put the kids “back in school” just to get them to act right (and mind you, I wasn’t bluffing. I was totally seriously). BUT, this incident NEEDED to happen. Here’s why:

As I watched Ray work with Farrah that evening, I realized how awesome of a teacher this man really is. He was explaining things to her in such an engaging way that, even though I should’ve been using the time to get the other girls ready for bed, I stuck around for quite a while, simply mesmerized by his gift of teaching. He has a knack for presenting facts and explaining concepts, the girls learn really well from him, and I found myself thinking “this is my goldmine for homeschooling!” Even though he works full time and sometimes travels, he will be joining us in the homeschool room a lot more regularly. I thank God for putting us through a difficult day so that this discovery can be made to better our homeschooling efforts.


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