They wanted to begin extra early, they were so excited!  We always start off with a Bible devotion and prayer, followed by memory work. But I wasn’t ready to start any earlier than my pre-designated time, so they had their readers on their desks ready for them this morning. They read silently until about 8:00am. Olivia (9 yo) is reading a junior adaptation of Little Women. Farrah (6 yo) is reading The Boxcar Children.

farrah-boxcar olivia-firstweek

The rest of the day was filled with math, language arts, history, and Spanish lessons. (We have other subjects, but on different days). Even Callie (4 yo, cognitive delays / Down Syndrome) was a trooper today. She did her pencil control work (tracing), played with blocks, did memorywork (counting, ABC’s, days of week songs, counting by 10’s song), practiced writing her name, practiced cutting with scissors, did puzzles, had fun on her keyboard, and more.


Jasmine (5 months) was totally cooperative as well! I wore her in the baby carrier for much of the morning, and she also spent some time in her exersaucer and swing.

The highlight of our day was time spent at my friend Tomitra’s house. We dropped in for a 2-hour visit and was treated to fajitas, cupcakes, and fun conversation!

I imagine you’re wondering about our curriculum. I have a very eclectic style, but I favor the Charlotte Mason approach. I like to expose the girls to lots of rich literature and subjects, a variety of learning experiences, and books that come alive on the page. I’ll gradually introduce you to our curriculum as we go along, so stay tuned.

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