One of my resolutions is to post here often so I can have a nice log of our homeschooling journey. So here’s just a quick update.

Farrah’s in school twice a week. YES! I decided to put her in the Pre-K program at the church down the street just for the next few months. I need a bit more time at home to get Callie (delayed learner) caught-up with where she needs to be so she can do a one or two-day Mother’s Day Out program next year. As a child with special needs, I believe she qualifies for the public school program at 3, but I do NOT want to put her there! She is learning so well at home, and she knows many things that the average 2-year-old does not. She’s constantly impressing me! Last month I took a tour of a preschool class so I can have a look at what the 2-year-olds were doing and get a feel for what I need to be working with Callie on at home. She will be able to get along well, but she has to learn a few things – like how to stand in line, wait your turn, and not “sample” the glue when doing arts and crafts.

But I digress. Farrah has had only 2 days of class since the Christmas break, and she says she doesn’t like it but I think she enjoys it just fine. She’s my disagreeable child who never likes to let you know she’s having a good time. We still do a week’s worth of school at home, but I do her lesson time for Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening.

Today we studied Ancient Middle Egypt and made low budget (VERY LOW BUDGET) sock monkeys. The girls were not thrilled when I told them this was the only toy they could play with for the rest of the day. I was actually just joking, but Olivia decided to embrace this challenge, naming her monkey and carrying it around with her all evening. She even took hers to bed tonight!Image

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