We started something new today, and I look forward to repeating this every school day! The girls gave us a mini presentation of one thing they learned at school. Well, that’s not exactly “new”, as quite often we tell Ray about some of the things we covered during lesson time (this is typically done during dinnertime). But this time we waited until after dinner, and we sat on the living room sofa and watched.

When I say “mini”, I mean it in the true sense of the word. The presentations were 30 seconds to 1 minute each. I had the whiteboard out on an easel, and Olivia began. She drew two perpendicular lines and explained what they were, then she drew two parallel lines and explained what they were, and her presentation was over. She later came back to the board and wrote the words “perpendicular” and “parallel” on the board (with excellent spelling).

For Farrah’s presentation, she showed us how to write a lower case G and capital G, as these are the letters we practiced forming with raisins and cream during our handwriting lesson today. Then she wrote her middle name (Grace) which starts with “G”. And her presentation was over.

For Callie’s presentation, she just looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to get her to sing the ABC’s with me (she knows some of them) and to count to 10 with me (she knows most of these numbers), but she resisted. Oh well, we’ll try again tomorrow.

These mini presentations serve a number of purposes:

1. They give the girls an opportunity to “present” something and it builds their self-confidence. They have to stand tall, articulate, and present a clear message. It was amazing to watch how shy Farrah was as she was presenting, just to our small family! I actually had to stand up there with her and prompt her with what to say. She will develop this skill with practice.

2. It gives Ray a small glimpse of what they’ve learned for the day.

3. It’s a good review for the girls, plus knowing they’ll have a presentation to do for Dad later in the day is a great incentive for them to remember some interesting details from their lesson.

We will keep our presentations short and sweet, and perhaps once a week or once every two weeks they can give a more comprehensive presentation to us. Anyway, this one’s a keeper for us!


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