Creekside Outdoor Adventure Center – Our Haven!

The weather is gorgeous today – so we took a spontaneous trip out of doors and ended up at the YMCA’s Creekside Outdoor Adventure Center. I was actually headed to the park, but something told me to stop at the Y instead. I’m so glad I did. It’s 5 minutes away from our home, and it’s our new favorite spot! Don’t get me wrong… we’re members of the Y and frequent this particular location (to work out, to attend community events, etc.) but we’ve never just dropped in on a random day to enjoy the outdoors.

Olivia, Farrah, Callie, and I started at the basketball court just outside the lodge of the Adventure Center. The basketball goal was low enough for the girls to make a few points (well, just Olivia), but high enough to still be a challenge. And there was a basketball just waiting for us when we got there! There were also soccer goals set up, but we didn’t see a ball, nor did we go inside to ask for one. Next time, I’ll bring my own. I should mention, this is the newest YMCA in the area and it’s never busy. There were 5 cars in the parking lot when we arrived, and no one was using the outdoor grounds outside. So it was our own sanctuary. After shooting hoops we walked the nature path down to the area where the large teepees are, and the girls explored inside the teepees. Then we all got into the cleanest teepee and had a riot of a time marching around and calling off silly chants. The acoustics in those teepees are amazing! The girls (and me!) had a blast being silly! It was just something soul-freeing about that whole experience. Then we explored further down the path and just enjoyed our time outside amongst the trees until it was time to leave for lunch. Next time, we’ll bring a lunch with us. There is a large grassy area for picnics, plus picnic tables throughout the grounds. I regret not discovering how nice this place was earlier this fall.

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