It’s been a rough week! Olivia is sick today, and I was very unprepared for school on Monday, so very little has taken place academically in my home. We did get a chance to ride bikes this week, and Tuesday yesterday we did Olivia’s math and language arts lessons, then we sat down to review the past FIVE history lessons, and MAN was I surprised how much detail this child has retained (that makes one of us).

IMG_5998Anyway, we also made a bird feeder for our front yard, as part of our Zoology curriculum, and in the past week we visited a Senior care home (to pass out little Christmas goodies with our Girl Scout Troop) and an animal shelter (so they can see what it was all about). Both these trips resulted in interesting discussion (plus an even heartier plea for getting a dog for Christmas).

I plan to make next week our last week of school before our Christmas break. We ARE going to do a research project over the break, plus some “Christmas Around the World” social studies assignments, but everything will be lightweight and fun (hopefully).


At Regent Care Center to hand out Christmas bags
At Regent Care Center to hand out Christmas bags

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