Sunday I visited Woodsedge Church and the pastor preached a message that really convicted me. He talked about how Christians are very often condescending and judgmental towards other Christians on many of the big debatable issues such as Homeschooling, Which shows/movies to allow kids to watch, What music children should be allowed to listen to, The topic of social drinking, Which political candidate to support, etc… The pastor didn’t introduce his specific belief on any of these topics, but he did what Paul did to the Romans… he simply told us that what’s most important is that we LOVE ONE ANOTHER. (I was not happy; I wanted him to simply side with me on all my important beliefs so I can know I was on the right track!) I was convicted because I’m pretty conservative and have very strong opinions about homeschooling (as well as all of the above), and I regret to have to admit that at times I tend to look down on others who may not be as conservative as I am. And the point is, I’m in no place to judge, and regardless of what the “right” answer is (if there “is” a right answer), the most important thing is to love one another.

Yes, we have to have our convictions, and in fact, the Bible says let each one be fully convinced in his own mind… But I see it a lot in the homeschool community – homeschoolers looking down on other families, or having the idea that their homeschooler is in some way “better” than those who are not. There are many compelling reasons to homeschool; there are many compelling reasons to send a child to public or private school. Children turn our GREAT in both cases, and unfortunately, the opposite is also true of both cases. I know what’s right for my family and I LOVE homeschooling! I just want to encourage my fellow homeschoolers to love others and not get into the habit of looking down on other families/students who did not choose the path you’ve chosen for your family.  I’m GRATEFUL for the Christian families who send their kids to school to let their light shine and fight the daily battle of the enemy that’s against us, because someone has to. It’s a LOT easier when our kids are homeschooled and we can pick and choose which other like-minded Christians we want them to socialize with.

So to my fellow homeschoolers… when someone asks you why do you homeschool, resist the urge to numerate all the negative reasons for sending your child to school, thus creating divisiveness. Simply take the time to explain to them why you think homeschooling is the best path for your family at this time. Be blessed!

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