Field Trip Day – Children’s Museum of Houston

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I’ve worked it out to where there is no formal lesson time on Fridays. On Fridays, we will alternate between (1) Field Trips and (2) Special Projects. Last Friday we visited the Children’s Museum of Houston, and although we’ve been there many many times, this was by far our best! Perhaps because I was on a mission to ensure they had the most rewarding, fun, and educational experience possible! It truly was a blast.

Here are the highlights of how the girls spent most of their time:

  • Shopped in the fake¬†grocery market, and played cashier
  • Cooked and served up a pretend meal in the cafe
  • Played veterinarian to sick dogs and cats
  • Acted as paramedics and revived a patient in an ambulance
  • Sailed boats down the outdoor water canal
  • Built a city road system

The Children’s Museum of Houston has been voted the #1 Children’s Museum in America, so obviously there were many many more things to do, but we spent the majority of our time on the above-mentioned items. We will visit again soon!

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