We made it through the first week of school, and it was a GREAT one! But who was I kidding with starting this new blog? I won’t have time to write lengthy posts (which I suppose is good for whoever’s reading this), because homeschooling with 3 kids takes up a lot of time. In fact, for the next paragraph, I’m copying and pasting an email that I sent to Lorraine, a fellow homeschooler. She asked how our first week of school went, and well, my answer to her is good enough for you too:

“We got through all our lesson time, and we even had recess every day, which I’m usually bad about (I will stay in the house all day if I have to)! But we rode bikes, played at the park, went swimming, and played at Zunum’s indoor playground. And Friday is our field trip or special projects day, and this past Friday we did the Children’s Museum of Houston. We also did art (made maracas and created a design for our homeschool t-shirts), and Olivia and I made brownies from scratch. I have to admit, I was feeling quite accomplished until Ray (hubby) reminded me that we have 36 more weeks of this!

“We had a good run during the summer, so I had pretty much tied up my loose ends. Olivia is an excellent student, and Farrah (my 4-year-old) has surprisingly become less stubborn this year, so we’re having a productive time at it as well. My emphasis has always been READING, and that’s my primary focus with Farrah now, although we do a bit of math and she tunes in on history, social studies and science lessons that I have for Olivia. Callie (my 2-year-old) even has phonics lessons.”

Alright, was that a pretty pathetic way to write a blog post? I know, but it’s 1:55am and I have a math lesson to teach in about 6 hours, so it’s off to bed I go. (Well, not really. School starts at 8am for us, but Olivia is using Teaching Textbooks – an online math program that includes the lecture and review, so it’s really hands-off for me, and it’s great. But while she starts that, Farrah and I start our reading lessons, so I really need to get some sleep).

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