We had friends – Joanna and her 2-girl wrecking crew – over for a sleepover last week (Ray was out of town), and we all traveled down to Neal’s Berry Farm (a whole 3 minutes away from the house – just off Gosling), and we picked blackberries! It was slim pickings, but the girls (and me) were still able to learn a thing or two. For one, blackberry bushes are thorny, so it would’ve been great if we had gloves (though no one complained and I don’t believe anyone got seriously hurt). Also, we learned that if you pick the berries while they have any red on them, they won’t get any riper. So while it was tempting to pick some of the beautiful bright red berries we saw, we could only pick the ones that had already turned completely black/purple.

Later that day, we caught a Ronald McDonald magic show at the Mitchell Library. Olivia got to be a volunteer. Boy was she nervous!

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