The window to my bedroom looks out into our garden, so the first thing I do each morning is check on the veggies. I keep having this awful thought that a bear will get into our yard in the night and make off with the tomatoes. Bear in Spring, TX? I know, how unrealistic! But that’s the image I keep getting in my mind. A cute little honey bear settled down on a patch of our grass just pulling away at the half-ripe tomoatoes. I’ve read too many children’s books!

Today when I checked, the tomatoes were finally starting to turn color. How exciting! So I raced out there while everyone was still in bed to take a closer look. I also noticed that some of the beans were ready to be picked. I’m so unobservant because before today I didn’t even realize they had started to grow, and now they’re ripe and ready! My suspicion is that we missed the first round of beans. They grew ripe and we just didn’t see them (with all our attention on the tomatoes), so they grew and fell and the animals (not bears!) carried them away. Not sure, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In any case, after church I took Olivia and Farrah out for our first harvest. We harvested 8 green beans! Wooohooo! And of course we came right insde, rinsed them off, and then we each sampled our own, so that leaves us with 5 green beans for tonight’s dinner. Hmmmm…. I say let’s just order pizza.

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