Our Summer Learning Goals

I’m exhausted, but wanted to make a quick post about our goals for the summer. As I mentioned before, we’re not having a true “break” from school just because public school is out of session. I just know I’ll need some time to feel my way through to see what works and what doesn’t, so there’s no better time to start than the present. Monday was a holiday, so we officially started “school” Tuesday.  I’m so glad we’re beginning our lessons right now. For the whole week I was only able to get in one math lesson with Olivia, a vocabulary list, and a couple of Bible stories and devotionals for all the girls (all the girls who would listen, that is, which means Olivia and Farrah!). Olivia also did 2 days of writing in her journal and 2 days of copywork. Farrah and I did Hooked on Phonics and some dot-to-dot work, and went over some basics (days of the week, months of the year, etc.) The rest of the week was a bust! Ray was off work all week, and things at the house just weren’t feeling normal, so we basically just had some family play time and enjoyed ourselves.

I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself. Afterall, it is summertime! So instead, I’ve made just a few learning goals for the girls that I’d like to accomplish by the end of the summer. We’ll still do our formal lesson time, but if we miss more times than not, no sweat. My focus will be on these items for now:

For Olivia: Memorize her times tables and work on using more descriptive writing. If I can get this girl to memorize her times tables to 12 this summer, we’ll have a much easier road ahead of us in the fall. As far as her writing goes, she’s good with forming sentences and ideas, and spelling, but she needs more practice with adding more descriptive text to her writings. We’ve already begun to work on this.

For Farrah: Read, read, read. I feel like we’re the same place in our Hooked on Phonics that we were at this time last year. I haven’t been consistent enough, because Farrah is stubbon and I don’t always feel like pushing. But she’s gotten a lot better; in fact, now she asks if we can do her words, and I designed a reading chart and had it printed and laminated at Kinko’s to give her a little extra incentive. We’re still learning our basic 3-letter-words (hat, cat, man, ran, bug…etc.), and I know if we can become proficient readers by the end of summer break (on a primary level, of course), work will be a lot easier for us at home. It’s nice when kids can read for themselves. It gives you time to get a few other things done.

For Callie: Count to ten and start recognizing letter sounds. I know, that sounds pretty ambitious considering she has Down Syndrome, but this little girl is full of surprises. In fact, she loves my computer so much I decided to start Starfall.com with her this week. (This is the program I used to teach Olivia and Farrah their letter sounds). Callie is good at mimicking, so I think she’ll do well with Starfall. Her attention span is a bit shorter than I’d like, but we’ll get there. Oh yes, and getting her to actually WALK wouldn’t be such a bad idea either!

For me: Yes, I have a learning goal for myself! I started sewing this year and would love to learn how to do button holes. I plan to have this mastered by the end of the summer. I’m working on a cute top for Olivia, and all that’s left is the buttons, and I’m too intimidated to even try right now.

Okay, I’m signing off!

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